Criminal Law Online Resources

Criminal Law Online Resources

Note: The following links are to the web.archive site in order to avoid broken links. For historical reason we keep some old sites in this list.

Historical Background
Criminal Justice History Resources
Crime and Punishment at Olympia and Delphi
The Crime Library
Duhaime’s Law Museum
History of Law Enforcement
The History of Scotland Yard
The History of the FBI 
A Short History of the FBI
The History of the FBI in Chicago
The History of the DEA 
History of U.S. Park Police
Harwood Hgts. Police Department History   NEW
The Cleveland Police Historical Society
1919: The Boston Police Strike
Police Work in the 1920s
Chicago: Brief History of the Chicago Police
The Sacco and Vanzetti Trial: The Ballistics Evidence
History of Forensic Science
The History of Fingerprints
Elizabeth Fry: Angel of the Prisons
The Punishments of the Guilty
Roman Prisons
The Origins of Prisons  
Architectural & Disciplinary Ideals in the Earliest Prisons  
The History of Secure Corrections
Penitentiaries and Reformatories (1865)
Forfeiture in England and Colonial America

Lawmen & Outlaws
Gunslingers and Outlaws
The Gunfighter’s Favorite Links
WestWeb: Western History Resource
Western Outlaw Lawman Association
Old West Links 
Joaquin Murieta
Butch Cassidy
The Sundance Kid
Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid
John Wesley Hardin
Billy the Kid
Billy the Kid’s Great Escape
The James-Younger Gang
Jesse James
Cole Younger
Doolin-Dalton Gang
Dalton Outlaw Gang
Wyatt Earp
Doc Holliday
Henry Starr
Bandit Queen Belle Starr
Tom Horn: A Question of Guilt
A History of La Cosa Nostra 
A Century of Chicago Mob Bosses
Al Capone Verdict
Al Capone: Chicago Crime Boss
Al Capone 
George “Bugs” Moran
St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
Bonnie & Clyde, 1930 – 1934
John Dillinger
Machine Gun Kelly
Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd
Pretty Boy Floyd & The Kansas City Massacre
Ma Barker &
The Barker Gang
Dutch Schultz
Bugsy Siegel
Meyer Lansky
Lucky Luciano
Sam Giancana
Sam Giancana’s FBI Files
Carlo Gambino
Carlo Gambino’s FBI Files
Judge Roy Bean
Pat Garrett
Issac Parker: The Hanging Judge
Marshall Heck Thomas
Bat Masterson
The Legacy of Bass Reeves 
Tom “Black Bear” Smith
Bass Reeves
Famous FBI Cases
John Edgar Hoover
J. Edgar Hoover
Melvin Purvis
Eliot Ness
Eliot Ness Funeral

The Law
United States Code
Code of Federal Regulations   UPDATED
Anderson’s Ohio Revised Code   UPDATED
Anderson’s Ohio Administrative Code

US Code Title 18: Crimes & Criminal Procedures
US Code Title 21 Chapter 13: Drug Abuse Prevention & Policy
US Code Title 27: Intoxicating Liquors
US Code Title 28 Part 2: The Department of Justice
US Code Title 42 Chapter 111: Emergency Federal Law Enforcement Assistance
US Code Title 42 Chapter 112: Victim Compensation & Assistance
Prison Litigation Reform Act of 1995
LII: Criminal Law
ORC Title 29: Crimes-Procedure
ORC Title 29: Crimes-Procedure (Prior to July 1, 1996)

Crime & Gun Control Bills
The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act
Violent Crime Control & Law Enforcement Act of 1994
Mandatory Gun Control Background Check Bill, (1999)

Federal Departments & Agencies
United States Department of Justice
Office of the Attorney General
U.S. Treasury Department
United States Postal Service
U.S. Customs Service
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)
The FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation 
U.S. Marshals Service
DEA: Drug Enforcement Administration
U.S. Secret Service
AFT: The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP)
Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS)
National Park Service

Office of Independent Counsel
OIC: The Office of Independent Counsel
Independent Counsel Investigations, 1978-1999
Frontline: Secrets of an Independent Counsel
ABA Opposition to Renewal of the Independent Counsel Act

Government Publications & Databases
DEA – State Fact Sheets 
DOJ: National Criminal Justice Reference Service
United States Attorney’s Manual
FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
FBI Uniform Crime Reports
Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse
ICPSR: Inter-University Consortium for Political & Social Reseach
Arson & Explosives National Repository
FDA’s Forensic Center 

Bureau of Justice Statistics
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
Compendium of Federal Justice Statistics, 1996
Uniform Crime Reports — County Level Data
Crime Statistics Tutorial 

Law Enforcement: Police, Sheriffs’ & Highway Patrols The Complete Law Enforcement Resource Site
State Police-Highway Patrol Sites
National Sheriffs’ Association
International Association of Chiefs of Police
Police Guide
The Police Notebook
Police Stress Line
Ohio Police, Sheriff’s & Other Law Enforcement Agencies
Ohio Law Enforcement Foundation
Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police
The Ohio State Highway Patrol
Columbus, Ohio Police Department
Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, Columbus, Ohio
Grandview Heights Police Department Unofficial Page
The Ohio State University Police
Illinois State Police
Illinois Chiefs of Police Alert Newsletter
Village of Harwood Heights, Illinois NEW
International German American Police Association
International Association of Women Police

International Law Enforcement
International Law Enforcement
United Nations Crime & Justice Information Network
Police Services of the United Kingdom
The Constabulary
RCMP: Royal Canadian Mounted Police   UPDATED
Gewerkschft der Polizei
Polizei Rheinland Pfalz
Police: The German Way

Police Dogs
Police Dogs
Police Dog Law Center
North American Police Work Dog Association
United States Police Canine Association
United Police & Corrections K-9 Association
International Police K-9 Center    
Nordic Police Dog Union

911 Information
History of 911
How 9-1-1 Works
911 Protocol: How & When to Report an Emergency
The 911 Console: Dispatcher’s Forum
WebShow 911: Directory of Public Safety Equipment

Community Policing Programs
List of Community Policing Programs
CAPS: Chicago’s Alternative Policing Strategy

Police Memorials
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial
Fraternal Order of Police Memorial Links 
Ohio Fallen Officer Memorial 
Greater Cleveland Peace Officers Memorial Society  

Fugitives & Most Wanted Lists
The FBI’s Most Wanted List 

U.S. Marshals Service – Top 15 Most Wanted Fugitives

The World’s Most Wanted – Fugitives
Active Most Wanted & Criminal Investigations
AMW: America’s Most Wanted 

Organized Crime
Nathanson Centre for the Study of Organized Crime
The Mafia and Organised Crime in General
Murder Inc.
The Bonanno Crime Family
The Colombo Family
The Genovese Family
The Russian Mafia 
The Red Mafia 

Prisons & Prisoner Information
Federal Bureau of Prisons
Bureau of Prisons Facilities
DOJ: Prison & Parole Information
Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Corrections
Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction Offender Search
The American Correctional Association
National Commission on Correctional Health Care
Prison Law Page
Corrections Law: Case Summaries
“Frivolous” Prisoner Lawsuits
Peanut Butter & The Prison Litigation Reform Act
Jail.Net – The Global Corrections Resource
The Corrections Connection 
Prison Crisis Project
JCI: Jail & Corrections Planning Resource
Stop Prisoner Rape
New York’s Prisons
Sing Sing Prison
Southwark Prison 

Sexual Offenses
Sex Laws.Org
Sex Criminals. Com

Sex Offender Registries
Sex Offender Registry: Official State & Regional Sex Offender Lists
Sexoffender & Childmolester Internet Databases
Ohio State Sex Offender Registration & Community Notification 
Akron Sexual Offenders List
Clark County Sheriff’s Sex Offender Search Page
Hamilton County Sheriff’s Sex Offender Search Page
Franklin County Sheriff’s Sex Offender Search Page
Stark County Registered Sex Offenders
West Virginia State Police — Sex Offender Registry
Illinois State Police Sex Offender Information
Chicago Police Department Registered Sex Offender Database
Cook County Sheriff’s Sex Offender Information

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence Handbook
State DV Coalitions
Abusive Relationships: Resources for Domestic Violence
Ohio Domestic Violence Network

Sexual Harassment
Resources on Sexual Harassment

State Stalking Laws
State & Federal Stalking Laws
What is Stalking?
Antistalking Web Site
Survivor’s of Stalking: SOS
The Stalking Victims’ Sanctuary – A Safe Place

Sexual Age of Consent Articles
Legal Age of Consent
National Clearinghouse on Marital and Date Rape
Rape: Information
After A Sexual Assault – A Handbook
Rape Protective Measures
Avoiding Date Rape
Woman-Woman Rape Statistics
Male Rape
Men’s Rape Prevention Project
Men: Rape, Violence and Abuse
Rape Crisis Centers of Ohio
Butler County Rape Crisis Program: Help, Hope & Healing 

Crimes Against Children
Child Sexual Abuse
Pandora’s Box: Child Sex Abuse 
Child Abuse Victims Resources
SNAP: Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests  UPDATED
Sexual Abuse of Males: Prevalence, Lasting Effects & Resources
Klaaskids Foundation for Children 
Megan’s Law Expands to the Net
Child Protection Guide For Parents
Are Child Protection Laws Really Protecting Our Children?

Repressed & False Memory
False Memory Syndrome Information & Resources
Recovered Memories of Sexual Abuse
Skeptic’s Dictionary: Memory
Memory & Reality

Juvenile Justice
The Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention
U.S. Juvenile Justice Law
Welcome to the Juvenile Justice Clearinghouse
Report of the Surgeon General on Youth Violence
Juvenile Offenders & Troubled Teens
Juvenile Justice

National Youth Gang Center (NYGC)
Gang Crime Prevention Center
The Coroner’s Report:


School Violence
Violence and Discipline Problems in U.S. Public Schools
Center for the Prevention of School Violence 
School Violence
Why Violence in the Schools?
Stopping School Violence
Students’ Report of School Crime: 1989 and 1995
School Safety Resources
Safe & Drug-Free Schools Initiative

Drug & Alcohol Issues
NCJRS: Drugs & Crime Links
National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information
The ‘Lectric Law Library’s Drugs & Alcohol Topic Area
IPRC: Dictionary of Street Drug Slang Terms
HG Controlled Substances
The DUI Resource Center
Advocates Fact Sheet: Age 21 Drinking Laws
Underage Drinking Information & Links
Intoximeters Inc. – Alcohol Breath Test
Ohio DUI/DWI Law

Forensic Science
Crime & Clues: The Art and Science of Criminal Investigation
The Science of Crime
Crime Scene Investigation
Forensic Investigative Techniques
Carpenter’s Forensic Science Resources
Forensics Laboratory
Forensic Archaeology
American Academy of Psychiatry and theLaw
Hooper’s Forensic Psychiatry
Fingerprint Identification: Craft or Science?
DNA & Forensic Statistics
How DNA Evidence Works
Computers & The Science of Solving Crime
At The Movies: How Computer Animation Recreates Crime Scenes

Forensic Forgeries © Forum
Forging a Forgery
Is Handwriting Analysis Science?
Art Crimes
Forgery Prevention Tips

Firearms & Gun Control
ATF: Firearms
Weapons – The Law of Firearms
Gun Laws, Gun Control & Gun Rights 
NFA & Other Gun Law Related Information and Cases
Forensic Firearm Identification
Gun Industry Found Liable for Shootings & Vows Appeal
American Firearms Industry Home Page
NRA: National Rifle Association
Articles on Gun Control
The Violence Policy Center

Crime Prevention
National Crime Prevention Council On-Line Resource Center
Partnerships Against Violence
National Auto Theft Prevention Program 
Auto Theft Prevention
Citizen’s Crime Questionaire
WePrevent: Take A Bite Out Of Crime
Online Home of McGruff the Crime Dog
Neighborhood Watch
Apartment Security
National Night Out
Central Ohio Crime Stoppers

Victims of Crime
The Official Office for Victims of Crime
National Organization for Victim Assistance
Victim-Assistance Online
National Crime Victims’ Rights Week
National Victims’ Constitutional Amendment Network
Victims of Crime Act State Compensation and Assistance Division
Women & Personal Safety

General Information
Criminal Law and Procedure
Criminal Procedure
Ohio Criminal Law
Penal Law: A Web
Criminal Law Links
Criminal Justice MegaLinks
FSU School of Criminology Criminal Justice Links
Centre for Crime & Justice Studies
Critical Criminology
Doug’s Criminal Justice Site
JUSTNET -Law Enforcement & Corrections Technology News Summary
The Impact of Encryption on Law Enforcement
NIJ Standard for Metallic Handcuffs
12 Steps to a Federal Pardon
Weird Sex Laws 
Real & Strange Sex Laws
The ACLU Sports Hall of Shame
Dumb Crooks

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Association of Federal Defense Attorneys (AFDA)

Grants & Block Grant Information
Local Law Enforcement Block Grants Program
16.592: Local Law Enforcement Block Grants Program 
NCJRS: Grants & Funding

OJJDP: Grants & Funding

The Western Criminology Review
Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture
The British Journal of Criminology

The Criminal Justice Technology MegaSite
Police Search Engine
Skidmark Analyzer for Crash Investigation
Blood Alcohol Content Calculator
Accident Reconstruction Calculator
What to do if You are Arrested
If An Agent Knocks: Federal Investigators & Your Rights 

Federal ATF Forms
DOJ: Legal Forms

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