Death Penalty Online Resources

The Death Penalty Online Resources

Note: The following links are to the web.archive site in order to avoid broken links. For historical reason we keep some old sites in this list.

Historical Background
The Death Penalty: A History of When Life Generates Death
The History of the Death Penalty
The History of Capital Punishment
Death Penalty: U.S. Catholic Bishops and Capital Punishment 
Executions in England from 1606.
The Tyburn Tree
Eye for an Eye? Crime and Punishment in Early Modern Germany
Lynching Photography in America
Historic Supreme Court Decisions on the Death Penalty
History of the Death Penalty in the United States
History of Capital Punishment in Ohio
Ohio’s Death Row 
The History of Capital Punishment in Indiana  
The History of the Death Penalty in Arizona
Capital Punishment in California 

Murders, Serial Killers & Famous Cases
Sensational Murders in the 19th Century
The Bailiwick of Crime
The World Wide Serial Killers Home Page
Serial Killers
Casebook: Jack the Ripper
Jack the Ripper As the Threat of Outcast London
Albert DeSalva: The Boston Strangler
Lizzie Borden
American’s First Known Serial Killers: The Harps
Leopold & Loeb
The Lindbergh Case: The Trial of the Century
The Sacco & Vanzetti Case
The Black Dahlia
Sam Sheppard
Lee Harvey Oswald
Charles Manson & The Manson Family
Gary Gilmore
What Ted Bundy’s Handwriting Reveals

The Law
United States Code
Code of Federal Regulations UPDATED
Anderson’s Ohio Revised Code UPDATED
Anderson’s Ohio Administrative Code

US Code Title 18: Crimes & Criminal Procedure
ORC Title 29: Crimes & Procedure
U.S. Constitution 8th Amendment
Death Penalty Act of 1995
Recent Supreme Court Decisions: The Death Penalty
Cremeans v. Chapleau
U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee: Hearing Regarding Federal Legislation on Counsel in State Capital Cases
U.S. Death Penalty Law
The United Nations Agreements on Human Rights 

Government Departments & Agencies
United States Department of Justice
Office of the Attorney General
Bureau of Justice Statistics
Ohio Attorney General’s Office
Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction

Government Publications & Databases
Federal Death Penalty Cases
Bureau of Justice Statistics Capital Punishment for 1997
Bureau of Justice Statistics Capital Punishment for 1998
Bureau of Justice Statistics Capital Punishment for 1999
Bureau of Justice Statistics Capital Punishment for 2000
Capital Punishment 1999  NEW

Facts and Figures on the Death Penalty
U.S.A. Executions by Year and State
USA Executions in 1997 – 2002
Executions in the USA in 1998
Death Row Roll Call 
Demographics of the Death Penalty
Women and the Death Penalty
Salt of the Earth: Capital Punishment Statistics 

Habeas Corpus in Ohio
Ohio Attorney General’s Report on Death Penalty Appeals
Ohio Court Rules In Favor of Death-Penalty Law
Ohio Death Row Inmates
Ohio Death Row Information

Anti-Capital Punishment
Anti-Capital Punishment Resources
The Case Against the Death Penalty
The Moratorium Campaign
The ACLU & The Death Penalty
Religious Organizing Against the Death Penalty Project
Amnesty Internation & The Death Penalty
Fight the Death Penalty in the USA
Derechos Human Rights
Ohioans To Stop Executions

Wrongful Convictions
Wrongful Murder Convictions
Some Twentieth Century Erroneous Executions
Botched & Wrongful Electrocutions  
Randall Adams
ABA Approves Call for Halt in US Executions Until Death Penalty Fairness Assured
Illinois Wrongful Convictions

Murder Victims’ Families for Reconciliation 
The National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children
National Victims Constitutional Amendment Network
Victim’s Voices
Murder Victim’s Survivors

Instruments of Execution
The Electric Chair
Biology of Electrocution
Instruments of Crime & Punishment

General Information
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Capital Punishment 

Anatomy of a Murder Home Page

Criminal Law Links: The Death Penalty
Introductory Resources to the Death Penalty 
Death Penalty Links
The Death Penalty Law Review Center 
The Death Penalty Debate
The Death Penalty
Changes in the Death Penalty Around the U.S.    
Critical Criminology
Prosecuting Attorney Death Penalty Links
Death Penalty Links
Capital Punishment: The Death Penalty
The Economics of Capital Punishment
The Ethics of the Death Penalty & Capital Punishment
Death News – Are you ready for death?
States Using the Death Penalty
Looking at the Death Penalty
Death Penalty in Illinois
Why Texas is the Execution Capital
The Inherent Racism of the Death Penalty
Sexism & The Death Chamber
Ineffective Assistance of Counsel in Capital Cases
ABA Criminal Justice Policy: Death Penalty Cases
World Court Rules Against the United States in LaGrand Case Arising from a Violation of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations
Federal Death Penalty Cases-Recommendations Concerning Defense Cost
Capital Punishment Decisions Hinge on Jurors Who May Not Understand
Death Row Photos
Last Meals of the Condemned 

Washington Death Penalty Assistance Center
National Center for Policy Analysis 
Cornell Death Penalty Project 
Amnesty International 

The Ohio State Law Journal
Capital Defense Weekly